Drum Carder

With the design of this mill we have intended that a very good quality mill can be made that can compete against our competitors at an affordable price.
With this quality card mill you can, among other things, do the following.

Carding raw wool into manageable wool for spinning and felting.
Mixing colors.
Mixing different materials.

The card grinder can easily be mounted on a stable table with the included table clamps.


Diameter of the large roll: 22.5 cm – 8.86 “Length of wool cover: 60 cm – 24 inchesWidth width: 18 cm – 7.5 inches Ratio: 4: 1Weight: 6.5 kg (14.33 pounds) Card cloth: Normal density 36 points / square inch

The teeth are high-grade plated wire to ensure a long life.
Capacity: 50 to 80 grams (clean)
Dimensions: L = 50 cm W = 28 cm H = 22 cm (L = 19.7 “, W 11”, H = 8.66 “)

A takeaway pen, cleaning brush, table clamps and instructions are included in the delivery.

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